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People have been asking about the differences between a plant-based diet and animal-based diet when it comes to the causes of cancer. For a long time, scientists were not able to answer this question, but they recently found that there is a growth hormone IGF-1 that causes cancer. Research concluded that participants who reduced or eliminated this growth hormone IGF-1, have dramatically improved the cancer fighting agents within their body.

Another way to describe this process is: protein is broken down in our liver. When your body receives a lot of protein, your liver isn’t sure what to do with it all but doesn’t want to waste any of it. So it sends out a message (IGF-1 hormone) to all the muscle cells in your body to tell them that it’s time to start growing so that the protein can be used up.

Yes, this sounds great, but theres a problem: every time this IGF-1 growth hormone is released, there is a chance of a tumor forming. Cell growth is important while we are young and still growing but as an adult you want to slow down cell growth. This means, you want to ingest an average amount of protein but not an excessive amount.

Therefore the difference when it comes to cancer for plant-based versus animal-based eating is that the IGF-1 growth hormone that is released by animal based protein but is NOT released when by plant-based protein. More importantly, research has found that plant-based protein actually decreases the amount of IGF-1 in the body. This means you can eat the same amount of plant-based protein or more as animal protein but not have the negative effects of IGF-1 hormone.

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