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There are 4 main effects that you should experience if you’re using a good pre-workout with high quality ingredients:


This is the feeling you receive from your muscles swelling during your working. This is caused from the large amount of blood that’s entering the muscle and filling it up; similar to when you fill up a water balloon. A pre-workout product that contains nitric oxide boosters will give you this effect.

Active Alliance Nutritions’ Pre-Workout Extreme contains Citruline Malate, Hydromax and L-Norvaline to give you a good pump.


It is important to focus on the muscles that are being used during your workout. If you do not have a mind-to-muscle connection, you will simply be going through the motions without any improvements. A good mind-muscle connection is very difficult for people who have a lot on their minds. A good pre-workout will have ingredients that will help you clear your mind and stay focused throughout your entire workout.

AAN’s Pre-workout has 175mg of DMHA and Huperzine A, which are both responsible for concentration and focus.


People lifting weights want to increase their strength over time. This is not always easy to do but there are ingredients found in a good pre-workout that will increase strength allowing you to lift more weight and/or preform more reps.

Our Pre-workout Extreme has Creatine HCL, which allows strength improvements. Creatine HCL is

water soluble therefore it is more stable in water than Creatine Monohydrate. This means that a smaller dose is needed of Creatine HCL.


This is basically the ingredient that makes you feel like superman when you first start taking the pre-workout product. It will leave you feeling like you can lift a huge amount of weight and perform an insane amount of reps. This effect will be a little less intense as your body gets used to the product.

DMHA is also responsible for the feeling of stimulation and intensity that you will receive.

Visit our AAN Product Store page to check out the ingredients in our Pre-Workout supplements.

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