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DO NOT skip breakfast!

It is the most important meal. It only makes sense – your body has just been deprived from food for many hours while you were sleeping. You must wake up and get you metabolism going right away. Your breakfast should include both carbs and protein – not just any carbs, complex carbs (I suggest oats).

Whey Isolate protein shakes should be consumed as part of your diet.

Whey Isolate has many beneficial affects on health & muscle growth. *Check out our Store Page to see our 10 Amazing Tasting Whey Isolate flavors*

Pre-workout meal is more important than post-workout meal.

If you’re used to short, intense workouts you must have a good pre-workout meal. You do not want to burn muscle from not eating enough calories. Have your Whey Isolate shake before the gym but remember it takes time for the nutrients to get into your body.

Leucine, leucine, leucine! Research has proven that leucine which is an amino-acid, is an important component for protein growth. Whey protein and BCAAs are the best way to increase your levels of leucine. Other types of protein do not have high level of leucine like Whey Isolate. *Check out our Store Page to see our Plant-Based BCAAs*

There is a direct connection between muscle growth and nutrition.

This means that if you are not eating clean meals, you’re reducing your chance of muscle growth. A high protein diet is necessary for muscle growth. It’s also not just about consuming enough protein and carbs, it’s about the timing of your meals.

Workout intensity is better than workout length.

Don’t obsess over the length of your workout. An intense workout is much better for muscle growth than a slack, but long workout. Don’t feel that you need to drag out your workout to 2 hours to feel that you made progress. This is actually probably doing the opposite. Get in the gym, train as hard as you can, push out 4-5 exercises and get out of there.

If weight loss is your goal along with muscle gain, you should completely cut out simple carbohydrates and sugars.

Use Fish Oils – it is good for your joints & helps keep cholesterol levels healthy.

Nuts – always have them at arms reach.

Although they can be high in fat, these are good fats and nuts are the most accessible source of natural protein therefore they are good snack on throughout the day.

Remember this – Fruit juice is just as bad as Soda!!!

Fruit juice is NOT healthy just because it contains the word fruit. It is equally as high in sugar as soda and contains NO fiber.

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