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What is Beta-Alanine? Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid however; it seems to be an essential supplement to those who are consistently working out. During high intense exercise, our bodies collect hydrogen + ions which lowers our PH levels. As our PH levels drop, so does the ability of our muscles to work at their full potential. Our muscles become tired as we get closer to the end of our workout. If we are not able to lift at our full potential, then we will not get the muscle gains that we should be getting. The main job of beta-alanine is to increase carnosine, allowing our type 2 fibers so pick up hydrogen + keeping our PH levels in a good range. By keeping these muscle fibers at an optimal PH level, we are able to get through a workout with great strength, which will result in new muscle growth. Research has found that people were able to complete two extra reps when using beta alanine compared to those who were not using the supplement. It also improved the cardiovascular endurance of those who were using the supplement while sprinting. Beta Alanine has several benefits:

  1. Greater cardio endurance

  2. Muscle growth

  3. More strength

  4. Increased muscle endurance

  5. Reduces fatigue

When should you consume it? The time of day that you inject beta alanine isn’t overly important, you may as well get in the habit of consuming it before your workout. Double check to see if your pre-workout supplement already has Beta alanine in it, and if so, is the dose high enough to meet the recommended amount? If not you could add some to your pre-workout drink. Who should use beta alanine? Beta alanine is meant for people who are training in ways that their exercises are lasting anywhere more than 60 seconds, or in other words, any more than 10 reps of each exercise at a time. It is also meant for someone who’s doing moderate to intense cardio for long periods of time.

It can be taken in the form of a capsule or powder although I highly recommend using powder. You would need far too many capsules to receive the proper dosage to receive benefits. You may notice a feeling of tingle in your hands, arms, feet etc. after consuming beta alanine. This is completely harmless. If you do not like this feeling, you could take multiple smaller doses rather than taking it all at once. The daily dose can be anywhere between 2-5 grams.

AAN's Plant-Based BCAAs contain 1.5 grams of beta alanine.

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