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Research that has been conducted comparing meat based diets versus plant based diets has concluded that a plant based diet can help prevent and more importantly reverse some of the killer diseases that exist in this world.

Not only has research found that it can prevent and reduce these diseases, it has also suggested that it can be more effective than medications that doctors have been prescribing.

Heart disease is currently known to be the top killer in the United States and Canada. However, research has found that heart disease just about doesn’t exist when studying the populations of these countries that eat whole plant foods.

A plant-based diet is focused mainly around vegetables and legumes. Although some people do not want to go to the extreme of removing meat and fish completely from their diets, it is still beneficial to replace SOME meals with whole plant based foods.

Plant based diet reduces cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. Researchers have also concluded that the arteries of plant eaters are healthier than athletes and people eating low-carb diets.

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