Many people think that they will be fine as long as they’re counting calories and not exceeding a certain amount per day. Others believe that if they have a list of healthy meal options and eat them whenever they want throughout the day, they will avoid obesity. Unfortunately, that’s not quite how it works. Timing of each meal is just as important as what the consistency of the meal. This theory was proven while looking at different cultures.

A large percentage (70%) of Italians eat their main meal in the middle of the day whereas people in the UK eat their big meal in the evening. Now, when comparing obesity rates, Italy has 7.6% and UK has 20.1%. A research study using both animals and humans found that the chance of obesity would be reduces if the meal with the largest caloric intake is limited to the middle of the day. The study examined 460 people. They were questioned about their eating habits. ​Those who ate the least amount of calories in the middle of the day has the highest BMI (body mass index) whereas those who ate their large meal at lunch time or in the afternoon had a lower BMI.

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