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Here’s a list of foods that you should eat to curb your cravings rather than giving in and ruining all your hard work:

  • POPCORN – A snack that you can munch on without feeling guilty about eating too many calories. Three cups of PLAIN popcorn have just over 100 calories! Having said that, avoid pre-packaged microwave options – they are full of unhealthy ingredient

  • TRAIL MIX– it contains many nuts, which have lots of health benefits, such as improved blood sugar and reduced risk of heart disease

  • FRUIT– it has natural sugars, which will help curb the craving for something sweet. You can eat a much larger serving of fruit with fewer calories than a small artificially sweetened treat.

  • DARK CHOCOLATE – Yes, dark chocolate is much healthier than milk chocolate however, you still have to watch your serving size. Research found excellent benefits to dark chocolate when consumed in small doses. Too much leads to a lot of sugar, which counteracts the benefits.

  • BANANA ICE CREAM – Very easy to make! Throw a few bananas in the blender and mash them up. Put the mixture in the freezer for an hour or so and you have yourself banana ice cream! Extremely low in calories when compared to store bought ice cream.

  • HUMMUS WITH VEGGIES – hummus is a very clean dipping sauce and an excellent snack especially when people want to eat out of boredom.

  • GREEK YOGURT – Yes, it has to be greek! Greek yogurt is lower in sugar and higher in protein than regular yogurt. Research has found it to have positive affects on bones and digestive system.

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