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Scientists have conducted bed rest studies in which they found very interesting results. During the study, participants were not allowed to get out of bed for a period of 3 weeks. Through these 3 weeks, participants experienced a 25% reduction in their cardio abilities, 35% reduction in their strength and a 13% loss of muscle mass. After the results of this study were released, a follow up study was conducted at the University of Texas to figure out a solution that will preserve muscle for people who need to be inactive for specific reasons, especially health related.

This study compared two groups; one taking leucine and one taking a placebo. They found that using the amino acid leucine with each meal for 2 weeks led to muscle preservation, more strength and lower body fat compared to the placebo. Leucine is an amino acid that turns on the signal in the brain for protein synthesis in our muscles. Leucine is used to stop weakening during training sessions or can be helpful to preserve muscle if you cannot be active for a long period of time.

AAN’s Amazing Tasting Plant-Based BCAAs contain 4 grams of Leucine.

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