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Plant-Based Protein Extreme

Plant-Based Protein Extreme

Do you find that most vegan proteins taste very ‘earthy’ or like dirt? After 2 years of research and testing, we have created an ultra-filtered vegan protein powder that removes the ‘earthy’ taste and leaves you with an Amazing Tasting, High Protein Treat!


  • AMAZING TASTING, HIGH in BCAAs, LOW Fat and Carbs !! All Natural Ingredients!
  • MICRO-FILTERED FOR GREAT MIXABILITY – No clumping or gritty taste!!
  • Each 2lb jug gives you 28 Servings of the highest quality vegan protein available


AAN’s Amazing Tasting Plant-Based Protein Extreme is a Low Fat, Low Carb, and Vegan Friendy Nutrition Shake that is Beneficial to Athletes and Dieters, as well as, Anyone concerned with bettering their health, appearance, and general well-being.


Pea Isolate and Rice Isolate are SUPERIOR to other Plant Protein Sources because they are lower in fat & carbs and higher in protein. They are easily digested in the stomach, rapidly absorbed into the muscles, and their nutrients are quickly utilized by the body.


Our Delicious Plant-Based Isolate Protein isultra-filtered so it wont clump up or be gritty like other plant proteins. It is great as a meal replacement when combined with fruit or peanut butter for breakfast, pre workout, post workout, or anytime of day as a low carb, low fat snack.


Pea and Rice Isolate Protein make a Complete Protein, are low in carbs, fats, do not contain cholesterol or lactose compared to other types of proteins.


Why Do You Need to Incorporate Plant-Based Protein?

  • Muscle Growth
  • Fat Loss
  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Positive Effect on Training Performance
  • Reduces Post-Workout Soreness
  • Improves Overall Body Composition
  • Increases Energy Production

Research Studies have found that Plant-Based Protein has many Health Benefits:

  • Decreases levels of stress
  • Improves liver function
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Stronger immune system
  • Prevention of bone and muscle loss when aging
  • Regulates glucose levels

4.6 Grams of Plant-Based BCAAs per Scoop!

  • Greater Cardio Endurance
  • Muscle Tissue Growth
  • Increases Strength
  • Reduces Fatigue 

Pea Isolate & Rice Isolate naturally contains a high level of Leucine.

  • Leucine is a Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) that cannot be produced by the body, but is critical for muscle growth.
  • Leucine has the greatest ability to stimulate protein synthesis compared to any other amino acid.
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