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8-Week Gym Workout Plan

8-Week Gym Workout Plan

  • My favorite & effective exercises to help build your ideal beach body
  • Personalized workout plan to help you attain your fitness goals whether it be (but not limited to):

    • running a marathon, bikini competition, weight loss, building muscle, or simply maintaining

  • Exercise glossary showing the proper way to perform each exercise 

  • 8 weeks worth of workouts with helpful tips on how to transition into your own workouts after the 2 months

  • Suggestions and recommendations for proper use of supplements

  • Tips on when & what to eat before & after your workouts

  • A cardio schedule will be including with your workout plans

  • Special discounts for our Active Alliance Nutrition products (within the US)


After purchasing, you will immediately receive a PDF file titled "Workout Plan Info Request". This document has several questions that need to be answered and returned to the email provided so that we can make a personalized plan that will be successful for you. 

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