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  1. Evan Hayden says:

    Hello my name is Evan Hayden, I sent you a message on instagram asking if you sponsored fighters. I am a new blue belt jiu jitsu competitor from new castle Pennsylvania. I have been training for 2 years and have a record of 27-6. I am 17 years old. I have competed in the highest level possible such as grapplers quest world’s where I took first place in gi and no gi, ibjjf pan ams where I fought in a 21 man adult bracket and placed 5th, and many other tournaments. I am looking for sponsors to help fun my trips around the globe as I fight the best in the world. Any form of sponsoring will help me get my name out as well as yours. Thank you for your time.

  2. Zachary Blair says:

    Good evening , My name is Zachary Blair and I am a natural bodybuilding competitor for the ocb/ifpa and am
    Looking to spread the word of natural bodybuilding. Seven years in the making I have competed several times and have maintained a solid structure competing at 170 (starting 2007 @ an u healthy 240). Along with diet supplementation of protein BCAAs and preworkouts have the biggest effect on the sports community. And I’m looking to spread the news on new upcoming products as you have.

  3. Swann Graydon says:

    First, let me start by saying, the Fruit Punch Battle Armor that I tasted at the Europa in Dallas, was DELICIOUS AND I felt great aftewards!!! I would love to try the Armor Whey Vanilla Peanut Butter!!! I’m looking forward to that!!

    Second, I would love to chat with someone in reference to joining the “Active Armor” team. I met a few of the guys at the Europa and one at the Ronnie Coleman and they had great personalities, but most importantly, THE FRUIT PUNCH BATTLE ARMOR!!!! LOL Love it!!!

    Look forward to hearing from you!!

    NPC Bikini Fitness Competitor

  4. Eddy Wilson IFbb Pro says:

    Hi Eric,

    It was a pleassure to meet you. Looking forward to a healthyand prosperous team spirit.
    I sent the pics by email already.
    Here are some more stats….

    Place of birth : Paramaribo
    Month of birth : June
    Martial status : Married
    Height : 5′ 10″
    Weight Off-Season : 280 pounds Streef gewicht
    Competition : 265 lbs Streef
    Eddy Wilson Jr. is a Dutch IFBB Professional Bodybuilder. Born in Paramaribo, Suriname in the continent of South America on June 13th. He has also lived in The Netherlands and Germany. He currently resides in Orlando, Florida.

    Body building peeked his interest at age 20 and won his first competition immediately afterwards.
    Instructor in Body Pump, Personal Trainer. Experience in Body Combat and Spinning instruction.

    “Body building is my pride, let’s lift…!!!”

    Title Pro:
    2014: Orlando Europa 5th place USA/ Florida

    Title Amateur:

    1992: Mr. Teenage 2nd place Suriname
    1993: Mr. Teenage 1st place Suriname
    1994: Mr. Suriname 1st place {C Class} Suriname
    1995: Mr. Adonis 1st place {B Class} Suriname
    2001: Mr. Suriname 1st place {A Class} Suriname
    2002: Mr. Holland 1st place The Netherlands
    2002: European Championship 4th place Germany
    2002: World Championship 5th place Germany
    2009: Mr. Holland 1st place The Netherlands
    {Overall Champion}
    2010: Arnold Classics 3rd place USA/Ohio
    2011: Arnold Classics 2nd place Spain
    2011: Juliette Bergman Classics 1st place The Netherlands

    Affiliations: IFBB Professional, Gorilla Wear.
    Should you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me.


  5. Conny Molander says:

    My name is Conny Molander. Im a 27yr old NPC National level body building competitor. I entered my second show ever on May 3rd, after only training for body building since January of 2013, in the Pittsburgh Pro show. I took 2nd place, and therefore qualify for Nationals. My plans are to do a National show this fall, and need help from a competitive brand such as Active Armor! My goal is to get my Pro Card, and I won’t stop until I get it. Id like for us to have an early cooperation, that last a long time! I believe that I can do a lot of good things for the brand, on and off the stage. I am a hard worker and won’t settle for anything less than the best.
    I have a bunch of recent pics, and pics from the show if you want me to send some!
    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  6. Carl Cox says:

    Hi Active Armor Nutrition! My name is Carl Cox, I’m a Powerlifter/Strongman (6’2, 340lbs). I’m a fan of Active Armor Nutrition, and am available for store/show demos in the North Carolina and surrounding areas, also larger shows/events worldwide. I can bring knowledge of the brand and products, and could perform feats of strength to promote and draw a crowd!

    * I was affiliated with All American EFX from 2010-2013, as a transformational athlete and lost 118lbs for them. I represented the brand filming V-logs, wearing apparel, and at shows (even if they didn’t have a booth).

    *Here is a brief description of what I can bring to the Team!!

    Dare 2 Dream,
    Carl “OX” Cox

  7. al jaecob Regis says:

    Just recently came of my 2nd place win as a middle weight and 3rd in the novice class at my first show. Although I was a rookie my posing routine and stage presence.
    It would be my pleasure to represent armor nutrition if you would have me of course. I’m an advocate of promoting fitness and nutrition as well as a positive outlook on life and I believe would be a great addition to your team.
    I for one am a big fan of Armor Whey with its bcaa fortified whey isolate providing the consumer with a lean protein supplement helping with both performance and recovery.
    best wishes and thank you for listening

  8. Sarah J Dougherty says:

    My name is Sarah, I am SUPER interested in discussing career opportunities with you!!! I currently live in Temecula California, but I am willing to relocate. I am a certified indoor cycling instructor and certified personal trainer. I would love to further my career in the health and fitness world! It is my absolute passion in life!! I would love to send my most up to date resume and bio for you to review. I look forward to discussing options with you asap!!!
    Sarah J Dougherty
    IG- SJD910

  9. Jonathan Oliver says:

    My name is Jonathan Oliver. I did my first mens physique show a couple weeks ago. I placed 3rd. I included some pics from the show. I m also going to be entering gold classic on oct 25. I would love to rep your brand there. I go to diamond gym in maplewood nj. I m a Marine Corps vet so I m no stranger to hard work. Thank you for your help and reply

  10. Jennifer Palazzo says:

    I came across your brand on facebook and visited your website. Immediately liked what I saw. In fact, I ordered your products immediately. Then when I saw you were giving athletes an opportunity to represent your brand, I figured I would contact you. I recently became an IFBB Pro in Womens Physique. However, I also am a school teacher who believes in the lifestyle. I would love the opportunity to represent you products. Thank you for your time.
    Jen Palazzo

  11. Garrett says:

    Got first place at a football lifting competetion last year and got first place in dead lift with 460lbs out of 12 schools. Competed in the Lauren powers classic last year and was lucky enough to pull off 2nd place in teen physique! I’m Extremely motivated and I plan compteting in several more in 2015! Would love to join your team and rep your gear at these events!

  12. Micaiah Paulk says:

    I would like a chance to prove myself and be sponsored by your wonderful company. I think your products are great and I believe I can help increase awareness of your products. I have competed as a strongman and powerlifter. I now am on my way to competing in the NPC Mr. Georgia competition. I would really appreciate your consideration and support.

  13. Nathanial shanks says:

    Name: Nathanial Lee Shanks
    Date Of Birth: 01/17/1996
    Address: 1306 Smead Street
    City: Logansport
    State: Indiana
    Zip code: 46947
    Cell phone: 785-477-7112
    Instagram: ShanksFitness < 12.6K followers
    Competitions: None
    Years of fitness experience: 11 years
    Brand Ambassador Experience: 2 years 3 months

    Extra information: I love meeting and talking to new people. I workout daily, i learn new things everyday, My dream is to become a National Physique competitor. I have many photos on Instagram, i have a large instagram follower base, I would be up for answering anymore questions you may have. Thank you for your time.

  14. Joe Cordeira says:

    I bought all of your sarm products at the garden state championships. I am a nationally qualified physique competitor. I work at total nutrition syosset. I love you products and would love to be a part of the team

  15. Eric Brown says:

    I am very interested in becoming a part of the team. I heard about you/the company through a friend of mine, Bridget Harris. I read her posts on Facebook about your products. I’m an amateur level bodybuilder, but I haven’t competed since 2008. I’m looking to get back to competing very soon. (Looking to crossover to Physique) I not only have a passion for the sport, but a passion for health and fitness in general. I would love the opportunity to communicate with you to see how we can work together.

    Eric Brown
    Cell: 847-340-8656

  16. Chris Medico says:

    I am 28 years old currently living in Chatham New Jersey. I started my weight lifting journey when I was 15 and tired of being a smaller kid. I have played ice hockey for 20 years so I was always in pretty decent shape even without working out. I graduated high school in 2005 and was still just an average kid. I arrived to college and my sophomore year I was roommates with 2 kids on the baseball team who were MUCH bigger then me. They finally talked me into going into the gym and showed me some exercises. I WAS HOOKED. I constantly read online and magazines about new workouts and how to properly do them. 11 years later and I could not see myself doing anything different. I have steered away from hockey and now just focus on working on getting into the best shape I possibly could be in. I am a AFPA certified personal trainer and love to help motivate and show others who might be afraid about entering a gym that it really is not as scary as they might think. When I was in fourth grade I was playing kickball and like every young kid did not care about my un tied shoelace, I tripped and hit my head on a tree root and never experienced that amount of pain to this day in my life. I went to the doctor and was told it was just a concussion and to wait a couple days for it to pass. After two days of the same pain I told my parents and got taken to the ER. I wound up having a blood clot the size of a hockey puck pushing against my brain and was told had I waited one more day I would not of made it. I was back to playing hockey a month or two later. I guess I have always been a warrior and fought for everything I have today.

    I know I have the look and motivation to really give my 100%, I am in my gym 6x a week and would love to help be apart of a team and be able to help promote myself and the company with a hard working and fiercely motivated athlete. All while being a friendly, easy to talk to, and helpful person to make sure questions about products and workouts get answered in a timely matter.

    I am also entering my first power lifting meet at the end of November! I attached some photos for you to review. Please let me know if there is anything else you may need.

    Thank You!

    Chris Medico

  17. Donald Helmer says:

    I follow your account on Instagram and I am definitely interested in becoming a part of the team. Quick summary on me I’m 23 years old recently just was honorably discharged from the marine corps where I served 4 years in the infantry. October I competed in the npc greater New York in men’s physique. It was my first show and I took the overal making me nationally qualified. I am currently getting ready for the next season and more shows to come. I am looking forward to hearing back from you and thank you for your time.

  18. Jon Chrabot says:

    Hello there.

    My name is Jon I am looking to join your team. I am currently using your SARMs product and loving the results. A little background information on me, I found my passion in hitting the weights as I entered the military back in 2010. Ever since then I have been dedicated. I did three and a half years active duty and recently accepted a job as a police officer. It would be a great honor to be part of your team.

    If you would like to see my social media I am on instagram as JAYMICHAELC or on facebook as Jonny Michael or try Jonny Chrabot.

    I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your time.

  19. Julianne says:

    I came across yalls instagram and loved the motivation, I love how you guys actually like my photos on instgram and yalls awesomeproduct selection to your following. Which brought me to your website, which brought me to this email.

    I would love to work for y’all.

    Here is all the info you need/may need:
    Facebook: 512
    Instgram: 1079, I gain about 10-20 followers a week , I am featured on @fitfamsa(15.2k followers) once a month for my transformation.
    Now, I know I am not “Insta-famous” and I dont have 10k followers…yet. But believe me, my drive and dedication to things, is something only found in successful people just like you guys. I am incredibly creative and dedicated to every single thing I love to do. I am willing to put in the work along side my hard work to my transformation.

    Experience in the fitness industry:
    I use to be 220lb, I have lost about 80lbs. I am currently in training for the Adela Classic in June 2016 in Austin, Texas. I am from San Antonio, Texas. I believe that I’d represent Active Alliance Nutrition in the best way, I believe that I come from a real place, my personality is genuine and so is my drive. I am naturally a cultivator and educator of my peers having been a store manager for a couple of years. My motivation and drive is poured into all I do, especially my fitness. I am proud to say that this will be my first competition. I have taken my CPT class through the University of the Incarnate Word and am now currently working on my internship hours to officially get my certificate. I am currently recording my bikini competition journey via all my social media channels. Feel free to check out my content to see if my quality meets yalls standards. I am creative, driven and highly dependable being a high end retail manager for so many years has taught me only the highest level of professionalism. In other background info, I have a bachelors in management, a minor in marketing, an associates in photography, am currently a store manager for US Polo, and have previously worked as a brand ambassador for Miller Lite, doing on and off premise demos.

    Name: Julianne Valdez “Jules”
    Contact #: (210) 508-2463
    Email: or

    Here are all of my social media channels:
    Instgram: gymjules_
    Twitter: gymjules
    Youtube Channel: GymJules
    Facebook: Julianne Valdez
    Linkedin: Julianne Valdez

    I really look forward to hearing from you guys.

    Julianne (Jules) Valdez

  20. Steven says:

    Hey I am currently 10 weeks out from my bodybuilding show and I am wondering if you are looking for an ambassador for your company, I am a teen competitor from the UK. I placed second at the Scottish (BNBF) last year and got through to the BNBF British Championships. I aim to place higher and get to the worlds this year. If you are looking for ambassadors I would be happy to represent your company at my up and coming shows this year. Thanks

  21. Robert Stevenson says:

    I live sleep and shit body building and have dedicated my self to finding heathly ways of life for myslef and others ..I would represent you at the most respected way as a company like your should ..guilding people with the will to change there bodys to you.. thanks Robert Stevenson utube nitro8332 insgram facebook also check me out please thanks again

  22. Kathleen Smalls says:

    Hello, my name is Kathleen Smalls and I would love to become an athlete for your brand, I have heard amazing things about your Whey from some close friends. You can find me on instagram by looking me up “@swolekat” and you will see I am no regular Jane. I am also preparing for my first competition in October and would love to rep you guys there.
    Hope to hear back from you soon

  23. Abdel says:

    Dear sir,

    I contact as you have just liked me and folling me via Instagram.
    I d like to be sponsorised by your serious company.
    I m an athlete pro in Paris (Paris). I made a network via social network.
    I coach in different gym in France.

    Looking forward to you reply,

    Mr Albani

  24. Luis castro says:

    Looking for a good well balanced company to represent and use your products through out my offseason and contest prep! Really looking as well for a company on chasing my pro card with!! Thanks!

  25. Cody Rhodes says:

    Instagram: cgaintrain_rhodes
    I’m looking to get on a team. I have many upcoming competitions and events that are nearing. I would love to have the opportunity to rep your line and more so. I hope you to hear back soon.
    Thank You, Cody

  26. David Brazon says:

    Message: I have been a big fan of this amazing company I have used most of the product and I love every aspect of this team, I am in process of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and going to school for Sports Science,i am 19 years old and I just became Mr. Teen South Carolina and qualified for Nationals in my first ever bodybuilding show I am 10 weeks out from my next show and as well as this past show all my contest prep has been and will be powered by ACTIVE ALLIANCE PRODUCTS, this is my life and I want to take to the next level and it would be a honor for me to be part of this incredible team.

  27. Brenton Sullivan says:

    My name is Brenton Sullivan, I’m 22 years old live on my own and go to school and work full time. I compete in the NPC for bodybuilding my most recent show was the Dallas Europa Expo where I placed in the top 5 out of 12. I work my ass off everyday doing things not your average 22 year old does. I always see companies giving people sponserships who are technology junkies but not athletes who actually motivate and show people what true work is all about. I work my ass off day in and day out and will never settle for less until my goals are reached.

  28. Chace Belanger says:

    Good evening, my name is Chace Belanger, recently your Instagram page has like a few of my fitness related posts, and it inspired me to contact you. I am curious if you are looking for athletes to join your team at this time at help represent your company and push products.

    A few quick Highlights of who I am and what I have to offer.

    –NPC men’s physique competitor, placed Top 3 in all three classes (open, novice, juniors) at the Vermont championships- looking to compete in a pro qualifier as my next show,
    –Registered Nurse- Bachelors degree in Nursing, I am an emergency room nurse and have a vast knowledge of the body.
    –Personal training student- currently in progress of achieving my CPT

    If you have more questions, or wish to see more of my fitness posts, feel free to message me via EMAIL, or investigate further through my IG page: C_belanger34_fit_RN

  29. Kristan Worthy says:

    I would love to join the Active Army Team! I love your products!

    I am currently a brand ambassador for Compete Everyday, Coach and competitive athlete @goldentrianglecrossfit.

    Insta: @kbworthy

  30. Soleil Avena says:

    Hi, my name is Soleil Avena and I compete in the NPC Fitness division. I recently started competing a year ago and thus far my most accomplished competition was second place in a national qualifier. I have used your products for quite some time now and I truly can say that I love them! I have tried all of your protein powders and I believe in them! My favorite flavors are oatmeal cookie, berries and cream, chocolate mint, and cinnamon swirl, but they all taste great! Your protein powders have one of the highest protein contents I have seen out of most powders. I also believe in it being fat free and low carb. I have also used your plant based BCAAs, which I love as well. Your jungle punch pre-workout gives me the most energy I could ever need for any workout and I get such a good pump from it. All of your products are fantastic and I would love to sponsor your company and help promote this amazing brand!

  31. Joshua says:

    I am an upcoming young bodybuilder right now at the age of 24 and also am in the early stages of creating and running my personal training business in my small town of Whiting, Indiana. It is about 5 minutes away from Chicago. I have just lost over 100 pounds since January 15th as I had went through a very bad time in my life. A few deaths within months of each other of family and closest friends sent me into a deep depression, giving up bodybuilding and leading into alcoholism and obesity. I have overcome this by finding my true faith in the Messiah, but that’s a whole bother story and I’m not looking to be pitied by any means. I am just explaining the nutshell version of what happened to me because it is the reason I still have the minor amount of body fat left, which I am almost rid of right now. I am a certified ISSA trainer and bodybuilding is my passion and hobby. This month makes 1 year that I have not touched alcohol and will never touch it again, another accomplishment I am very proud of and thankful that I no longer use that dreadful substance. I am planning to live my career and hobby and get the awesome feeling from helping others achieve their goals, mainly fat loss. But, whether it is training for sports, bodybuilding, general fitness, or fat loss, I have everyone covered. I have extensive knowledge into nutrition from the courses the ISSA provided me with, and I also took nutrition classes in college. On top of that, very much personal experience with nutrition due to bodybuilding for years and years. I will be giving clients the keys to the door of fat loss and break down the nutritional aspect as simply and straightforward as I can. In my area, people who are in to fitness and or bodybuilding are few and far between. There are very few individuals who will be offering what I have to offer. I’m not sure exactly how I came across your company, somehow on IG. But, I seen the ingredients in your pre workout supplement and it truly is possibly THE strongest stuff out there, I know every company says this, but truly that product is stacked. I am a big time DMAA fan and really, I don’t prefer to use PWOs that don’t have it. I believe if used correctly and safely, it is a perfectly safe and fine ingredient. Anyways, I am on the verge of looking the best I ever have very, very soon. You’ll be able to see the shape that I have in my recent pictures, I know bodybuilding like the back of my hand, I just need a bit more time to cut the rest of the little fat I have. I know how this amount I have hinders someone and makes it appear that they don’t know what they’re doing, the thing is, I am down somewhere over 100 lbs in less than a year and I am finally at the end of it. So, basically, I am looking for a company that makes high quality products to help me with my goals while I in turn help them by promoting their company at every possible moment. I still have not posted my “before and after” picture yet because I want it to be as drastic as it can be. And it is going to be drastic, from fat to jacked. So, I realize companies have to pick and choose specifically only a few individuals to team with and it couldn’t hurt to make an attempt right? I am going to do big things in the fitness industry in the coming future. So, hope you will check me out and just consider it, that’s all. The region I live in has few to no bodybuilders, and I am and will be an even bigger walking billboard here as I already stand out everywhere I go here. Have a good day and God bless. Thank you for even taking the time to read this and even consider it.

  32. Megan Pettitt says:

    Dear AAN Active Alliance Nutrition,

    First of all I’m such a huge fan!! You’re page & website are awesome!! Would be a awesome dream come true to be a sponsored athlete with you & rock nothing but the best supplements in the biz!! You are the best!! Rock on to the best!! Looking forward to working with you for a lifetime!! Can’t wait!! Feel free to send some free goodies my way so I can rock the best in the biz!! Have a awesome week!! Sending nothing but good vibes!Thanks so much!! You rock!!

    Your biggest fan!!
    Megan Pettitt
    Phone: 6786847945
    Address: 3624 Hutcheson ferry road Whitesburg, Georgia 30185

  33. Dylan Edwards says:

    I’m 19 years old from New Jersey I’ve tried your supplements at three competitions that I’ve competed in and they are great. It would be awesome to be apart of your team. My instagram is dylan_edwards44. I’ve competed in three physique competition twice in the teen division where I placed second and once in open where I placed 6th. I’m also a npti certified personal trainer.

  34. Brent Pickett says:

    Hi I’m an avid weight lifter. I had been a competitive powerlifter for a number of years. I was at one point ranked in the best of best in masters 308 class full meets and I won the XPC amatuer at the 2013 Arnold. I then had to go to bodybuilding because of torn rotator cuffs a year apart. Fit my first bodybuilding I cut from 290 lbs to 215 lbs on stage. I got in top 5 got my first show. I then decided for my second show I did the masters Arnold in 2016. As you can see I strive to be my best and compete with the best. I love the ideals you guys stand for and I have will of Steele and would not disappoint you. Please look at my Instagram page @bigbench_. I hope we can work together.

  35. Viktor Miroshnik says:

    Good afternoon!

    Prize-winners of the Cup of Ukraine in bodybuilding in 2014, silver prize-winners of the championship of Ukraine on bodybuilding in 2014, 2015, winners of regional and regional competitions in bodybuilding and fitness ….

    They offer their services to cooperation in promoting and advertising your trade brand at sports events among athletes, sports clubs.

    Consider your suggestions.

  36. Viktor Miroshnik says:

    Prize-winner of the Cup of Ukraine in bodybuilding in 2014, silver prize-winners of the championship of Ukraine on bodybuilding in 2014, 2015, winners of regional and regional competitions in bodybuilding and fitness ….

    They offer their services to cooperation in promoting and advertising your trade brand at sports events among athletes, sports clubs.

    Consider your suggestions.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reaching out and showing interest in joining our Team. Unfortunately, at this moment we’re only shipping products within the USA.

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